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Mangaluru: A rare, attractive ‘Spotted Moray Eels’ fish found dead in Beach

Mangaluru: A rare and attractive ‘Spotted Moray Eels’ fish was found dead near Suratkal Beach. Its scientific name is Gymnothorax moringa. It is locally known as “Aroli” fish. At first glance, this fish looks like a Russell’s Viper snake and is very attractive due to its black spots.

”This species of fish is mostly red in color. But this spotted fish is very rare for locals. This fish lives in places like coral reefs near islands. It may have come ashore due to the turbulent sea waves,” said Rajesh K.M., Scientist at the Mangalore Regional Center of the Mangalore Marine Fisheries Research Institute.

This fish is usually 60cm. Grows long. Maximum 2.51 kg. weighs This fish lives alone. These fish live in tropical waters and migrate to lay eggs.

In Tulu this fish is called Marancha fish. This fish is rarely caught in rocky areas. Its teeth are sharp. Local fishermen said that locals do not eat it.

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