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Husband gives triple talaq because of wife worshipping Lord krishna..! Shahnaz embraces Hinduism – marries childhood friend Pawan

Because of worshiping Lord Shree Krishna, husband gave triple talaq to his wife. This incident too place in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district.

After seeing his wife Shahnaz worshiping Lord Krishna, the husband got angry and divorced by giving talaq. After an argument with her husband, Saihnaz came to her parents’ house. However, her parents and Maher also heard her speak. So, Shahnaz didn’t know what to do. At that time, Shahnaz told her childhood friend Pawan about her tragedy of life.

Pawan and Shahnaz become friends, both of them will share each other’s sorrows. So, Pawan supports Shahnaz, further they decide to become one.

After that, both went to the ashram and got married. Shahnaz left her parents’ home and went to Agastya Muni Ashram and married Pawan according to Hindu customs.

Shahnaz has changed her name after marriage and now she has become Arohi. Shahnaz and Pawan Kumar are residents of Dhakni village in Faridpur. Pawan and Shahnaz are childhood friends. Hence, Shahnaz was a devotee of Lord Krishna from childhood. She worshiped him. Although her family often stopped her, she worshiped Lord Krishna.

Meanwhile, Shahnaz got married in 2018. Two months after the marriage, there was a quarrel with her husband over devotion to Shri Krishna. At that time, the husband gave her triple talaq. After that, Shahnaz was also prodded by her parents, so she chose Pawan as her life partner as a base.

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