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Rishab shetty takes on new challenges for Kantara prequel..! Shiva explores hometown for inspiration, check out details

Kantara..! A South Indian film that is a blockbuster pan-Indian piece of work which took the film industries across the country by storm.

The film was an ode to the cultural significance of Panjurli Daiva and its beauty has mesmerized audiences across the country. Kantara make a new landmark in India film Industry. This film directed, acted by Rishabh shetty.

Kantara 2: the Prequel
Titled Kantara 2, the new project on floors will be a prequel to the earlier film. It will delve into the backstory of the film, the significance of the deity and the narrative of the tuluva culture itself. The plot of Kantara is being ambitiously developed by Rishab. Who is currently reported to be in his hometown, exploring for inspiration. The cast and further details of the project remain unknown.

According to some sources, Rishab is deeply involved in the project, and is reported to have taken up horse riding and Kalari Payattu. He will be collaborating once again with music composer Ajaneesh Loknath and cinematographer Arvind Kashyap. The filming is scheduled to begin in September, but an official announcement regarding final dates is still pending.

Kantara became a global box office phenomenon. Rishab Shetty showcasing his strong vision and in-depth knowledge as a storyteller. He was able to establish the fact that good content can transcend ant barrier and take form of a beautiful story that can be told through any medium. The audience wait eagerly for the prequel to arrive, engaging them in yet another narrative from the heartlands of India.

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