Saturday, June 22, 2024

Taliban administration orders beauty salons in Afghanistan to shut down

Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has ordered the close of all beauty and hair salons across the war-torn nation, in the regime’s latest restriction against women.

“The deadline for the closing of beauty parlours for women is one month,” Mohammad Sadiq Akif, a spokesperson for the Ministry for the Prevention of Vice and Propagation of Virtue, said on Tuesday, referring to a ministry notice.

Ministry spokesman told the media that businesses had one month to comply, starting from July 2 when they were first informed of the move.

The spokesman, however, did not mention the reason for the latest measure.When the Taliban were in power between 1996 and 2001, beauty salons were shut as part of a wide range of measures imposed by the extremist group.

Taliban regime has also barred teenage girls and women from classrooms, gyms and parks, and most recently even banned them from working for the UN.

The administration says it respects women’s rights in accordance with its interpretation of Islamic law and Afghan customs.

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