Friday, July 19, 2024

Cricket Star Ravindra Jadeja Shared A Photo With His ‘Crush’..!

Ravindra Jadeja. Super star player of India’s Cricket Team. He has done well in batting, bowling and fielding. Jadeja has been recognized as the real match winner of Team India. Do you know that our cricket hero is India’s match winner in other games as well?

Jadeja, who shines on the cricket field, is also very active off the field. Ravindra spends time at the farmhouse in his free time and is very fond of horses. Jadeja has very expert in horse riding as well.

Jadeja, who has kept many horses in the farm house, attracts attention by horse riding during his free time. He is participate in national horse events too. Jadeja won a silver medal in the recently held National Equestrian Championship in 2017. Through this, he brought glory to the country and made a special achievement.

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