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Woman commits suicide on live; A person who left Hinduism and converted to Islam had an illicit relationship with Sufia..??

A woman named Sana committed suicide on a Social Media Live broadcast in Hyderabad’s Nacharam area owing to alleged mental torment by her husband and in-laws. Sana described her husband’s extramarital affair, in the live video before hanging herself from a ceiling fan.

The woman, who was a software engineer by profession, accused her husband of leaving her and their child for another woman.

Hemant and Sana got married five years ago following a love affair. Hemant, a disc jockey (DJ) by profession.

Sana’s parents stated that she married her husband, Hemant Patel, who is originally from Rajasthan. In a love marriage five years ago. Hemant had converted to Islam and changed his name to Shamsher in order to marry Sana. Their marriage began smoothly, but Hemant’s family refused to acknowledge the union.

Two years after the marriage, during Covid outbreak, Sana got pregnant and both shifted back to Hyderabad. Things started going haywire between the two after Hemant developed intimacy with another woman, Sufiya Khan, a DJ model. Sana’s family claimed that Hemant started ignoring Sana and their son for Sufiya.

In a move to convince Sufiya to leave them alone, Sana also visited the former’s home in Banjara Hills area. Hemant, who is currently out of country, had refused to share the financial responsibilities for the child’s education. He was also planning to divorce Sana and get married to Sufiya.

In the video, Sana is heard narrating her ordeal how she has always been forgiving Hemant for all his mistakes and misbehaviours with her parents before hanging herself from the ceiling fan at her home.

The police have opened an investigation and seized the victim’s cellphones. As part of their investigation into the sad incident, they are analysing her conversations with her husband and Sofi Khan.

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