Friday, July 19, 2024

Meet Shahzadi Rai, Pakistan’s Transgender Politician Who Went Viral Over Beauty

Shahzadi Rai is a transgender and trans activist from Karachi who has represented her community very well on all forums. It is a name known to many for her courage and outspoken nature. She is also getting viral these days because of her clip from a press conference, and people are appreciating her skills.

KARACHI: Though times have changed, people’s prejudices against transgender people remain. Transgenders continue to be stigmatized, abused. Their every step is very challenging. Even though we say that we are like everyone else in the society, the society sees them as separate.

Transgenders need more effort if they want to achieve in any field. There are many hurdles for them in their professional life. In this case Shahzadi Rai from Pakistan recently became the first transgender member of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation City Council. Now world watching her success footprints in Political.

Photos and videos of the recent swearing-in ceremony have created a lot of buzz on social media. Rai was supported in making this achievement possible by the Pakistan People’s Party. Not only this, netizens are in awe of her beauty. Her recent oath-taking ceremony has ignited a wave of pride and celebration on Twitter and beyond.

Before her groundbreaking appointment, Rai had been diligently working as a violence case manager at the Gender Interactive Alliance, tirelessly advocating for the legislative rights of the khwajasira community in Pakistan. Her unwavering commitment to their cause has earned her widespread admiration and respect from civil society organizations and transgender activists, who have taken to social media to praise her remarkable journey.

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