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62 Year Old Man Becomes Father of Triplets After His Wife Convinces Him For Second Marriage..!

Madhya Pradesh: Father of three children at the age of 62. His 2nd wife gave birth to triplets on June 13. The doctor said that the health condition of the children is not good. The incident took place in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. Govind Kushwah (62 years)’s 2nd wife Hirabai Kushwah (30 years) gave birth to 3 children on Tuesday morning. Three children were born during this time.

The birth of the triplets has brought immense happiness to Govind, surpassing even the joy of his first wife, Kasturba Bai, who is also overjoyed and is taking care of Heerabai and the newborns.

Govind Kushwah accepted Kasthuribai as his first wife. A son was also born to them. However, he died in an accident when he was 18 years old. Due to this, the lamentation of not having an heir for family.

Kasthuribai, the first wife, had proposed a second marriage in front of her husband to alleviate the grief of having no heir. Also the family members also agreed to this and got married to the young woman Heerabai 6 years ago. Now God has blessed the couple with three children.

But, as a complication, the health condition of the children is not good. As a result, all three are being treated in the intensive care unit. Family members are praying to God that the children will be healthy. Mother Heerabai is in good health.

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