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The Best Plants for the Bedroom Are Nature’s Air Purifiers

Adding greenery to your bedroom can come with a lot of benefits. Not only can plants add more visual interest to your decor, but they can also have calming and uplifting effects on your mood, and (quite literally) breathe more life (oxygen) into your room.

Snake plants
Snake plants, a common succulent, are known for being a great plant for beginners, since they’re so easy to grow. Snake plants are very versatile and are suitable for a wide range of lighting, including low, indirect light to afternoon direct sun.

Snake plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night—something that most houseplants only do during the day—which makes them a companion to have at your bedside.

The ZZ plant
Native to eastern Africa—from southern Kenya to northeastern South Africa—this now popular indoor tropical kween was probably not known to anyone outside the continent of Africa before 1996. These hearty kweens’ leaves are jam-packed with chlorophyll, which makes them very light flexible, thriving in brighter light conditions but also tolerant of lower light conditions.

ZZ plants grow from large, thick rhizomes that resemble potatoes. Rhizomes are subterranean plant stems that are often thickened by deposits of reserve food material. In short, these rhizomes store water, which is why this green gurl does well during droughts and in the houses of plant parents on the go, who occasionally forget to water their green gurl.

The uniquely patterned, colorful foliage of calathea plants make them a great choice for sprucing up your bedroom decor. This is also good to keep near your bed because it can signal when it’s getting close to bedtime.

Calatheas thrive in medium to bright indirect light, but can tolerate low indirect light. This species is typically moisture loving, so it’s best to water them when about half the soil has dried out. This could be weekly in the spring and summer months or every 10-14 days in the fall and winter depending on environmental conditions.

Philodendrons have beautiful, heart-shaped leaves and quick-growing trailing vines, which can help to make any bedroom look and feel like a lush jungle. Philodendrons will grow faster when exposed to medium-bright indirect light so it’s best to place or hang it near a window.

Leaves are great to look at and even better at absorbing carbon dioxide and other toxins from the air! Porous oxygenating leaves brighten and freshen the room visually and atmospherically! Large surface area of the leaf results in increased respiratory and photosynthetic capacity.

Bamboo Palm
The lady palm (also commonly known as the bamboo palm) grows in an attractive, even pattern, and new leaf stalks sprout from its bottom. This is one of the best plants for bedroom placement because they grow best in bright, indirect light near a window or skylight.

Each leaf stalk can grow up to 18 inches long, so the green leaves will grace an empty bedroom corner easily. The lady palm is very tolerant to low light conditions, and this plant does not require too much water—its care is very easy.

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