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Love Across Borders: Polish Woman Flies To India To Wed Boyfriend Shadab Malik

In the midst of the spotlight on Pakistani woman Seema Haider’s cross-border and met sachin, another unique love story has emerged in Jharkhand. Barbara Polak, A 49-year-old Polish citizen named Barbara Polak, mother of a 6-year-old daughter, took a flight to India to be with her Indian lover from Khutra village in Hazaribag, Jharkhand, whom she initially connected with on Instagram, according to primary reports.

This report taken from Oneindia

The relationship between Polak and Shadab MalikPolak and Shadab Malik, 35, rised into love after their virtual encounters on Instagram in 2021. Now, their bond has grown strong that they have decided to take their relationship to the next level and are currently in the process of applying for marriage at the Hazaribag SDM Court.

Barbara Polak’s affection for Malik was so profound that she obtained a tourist visa for India, valid until 2027, to be with him. She has already arrived and spent a few days with him at a hotel before moving into Khutra village. However, the intense heat of the region proved to be challenging for her, prompting Malik to install two air conditioners in their home. Additionally, a new color television has been set up to accommodate their foreign guest.

Polak, in return, has been lending a helping hand to Malik’s family with domestic chores. She willingly cleans cow dung and garbage while wearing gloves. Expressing her love for India and Hazaribag, Polak mentioned her discomfort in crowded places. She also affectionately described Malik as a “fantastic and sweet” person.

Upon learning about the arrival of a foreign woman in the village, DSP Rajeev Kumar from Hazaribagh Headquarters and Inspector Abhishek Kumar visited the village and had a conversation with Polak. She promptly displayed her visa to the police officers and mentioned her plan to return to her country in the coming days.

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