Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Supermoon to be 14,000 miles closer to Earth in July compared to full moon

The first supermoon of this year, appearing on Monday, is also the only chance for sky gazers to enjoy the brightest lunar display of 2023. The upcoming supermoon will appear to be brighter and 7 per cent larger than normal moon appearances in the night sky.

“The first full moon of summer will be more luminous and 224,895.4 miles (361,934 kilometers) from Earth,” according to The Old Farmer’s Alamanac.

The first of four supermoons will rise in 2023, July’s lunar display will appear to be more luminous in the night sky than another full moon event that will occur in 2023. According to the website Time and date, the full moon will be at its peak at 5:08 pm in Delhi, India.

Moon will continue to mesmerise gazers with its luminious a day before and after the full moon. However, it is difficult to track the full moon, as the event lasts only for minutes. In India, moon will illuminate at its fullest at 5:08 pm in Delhi, India on Monday.

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