Friday, July 19, 2024

Mangalore: Honey Trap of Kerala Businessman – Along with young lady arrested Eight

Mangaluru: Mangaluru CCB and Kavoor police have arrested eight persons including a young woman who lured a Kerala-based businessman into a honeytrap in a joint operation.

The arrested have been identified as a young woman from Moodbidire and Preetham from Bondel, Kishore, Murali, Sushant and Abhi from Moodshedde area.

It is said that Kerala-based businessman Moidin Kunha had gone to a resort in Moodshedde near Wamanjur on February 16 with a young woman from Moodbidire who had come in contact with him. It has been complained that while he was at the resort at night, a group suddenly entered the room, captured the scenes there, assaulted him and tortured him for money.

Even though the businessman gave the money he had and escaped from there, gang called and harassed him for money again. Moidin Kunhi, who lost more than ten lakhs in the last month, could not bear the pressure of the honeytrap team and filed a complaint in the Kavoor police station. Mangalore CCB and Kavoor police arrested the accused who conducted an operation accordingly.

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