Friday, July 19, 2024

WORLD: US State Pennsylvania announces Deepawali as official holiday

Pennsylvania: The American state of Pennsylvania has declared the Festival of Lights (deepawali) to be a national holiday. Senator Nikil Saval tweeted on Wednesday that the state House had approved a bill declaring Diwali as an official holiday.

“The Senate voted unanimously to recognize Diwali as an official holiday! To all Pennsylvanians who celebrate this festival of light and connection: you are seen, you are welcome, you matter. Thank you, @rothman_greg, for the opportunity to join you in introducing this bill,” Senator Nikil Saval wrote on Twitter.

Two senators from Pennsylvania, Greg Rothman and Nikil Saval, submitted the bill to recognize Diwali as a state holiday in February of this year.
Rothman said “Thousands of Pennsylvanians celebrate Diwali each year, including many residents of the 34th Senatorial District,” “Recognizing Diwali as an official state holiday upholds and celebrates our Commonwealth’s rich cultural diversity,” he added.

2 Lakh Indian Americans celebrate Diwali..!
Yes, In In Pennsylvania more than 2 Lakh Indian Americans celebrate the festival of lights. there are more than 600,000 Asian Americans, with Indian Americans constituting the largest subgroup, according to India American Impact. Every year, the state’s almost 200,000 Indian Americans celebrate Diwali in opulence and splendor.

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