Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Strange Ancient Mayan Statue With Flat Face and QR Code

Take a look at this picture. Online transactions are well aware of this. At first glance, it looks like a QR code. If you think that this is a present day thing then you are wrong. This is an item from thousands of years ago. This thing belongs to Mayan Civilization.

A statue with what looks like a QR code for a face has been making the rounds on social media, with some of the more imaginative people suggesting that it’s evidence of ancient aliens.

The face of the statue is only a mere flat tablet that looks extraordinarily like the QR code we use nowadays.

According to experts, the Mayan artifacts found in Mexico are objects ever made by aliens. As the supporters of the paranormal assure, the latest find was 100% created by extraterrestrial civilizations or aliens. This is a statue with a mysterious Qr-code on face. In ancient times, people, of course, could not know about these technologies.

Perhaps the code seen is a mathematical equation that will reveal the events of the future to us. According to rumors and various theories, aliens are able to travel through time on their ships. Or might be a time travel.

Scientists are currently studying the find in detail. They are trying to determine when and by whom the statue was made. On news sites and in newspapers, you can now read that the find is proof of the existence of ancient aliens who moved in time using Qr codes. People first encrypted information only in 1994.

Deciphering the code ended with the fact that scientists received a link to an online store. Most likely, the statue was made by a sculptor who chose the code at random. It is worth noting that the statue looks very mystical.

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