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wholeheartedly embraced Indian culture and doesn’t want to return Pak..! Pakistani woman who crossed borders after falling in love with UP man

Pakistani woman illegally enters with her four children now embraces Hinduism. Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman shares her expierence with India Today’s interview.

Seema Haider mentered India illegally with her four children to reunite with her lover, Sachin, in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida. She explains wholeheartedly embraced Indian culture and doesn’t want to return to her native country Pakistan.

During an interview with India Today, Seema Haider disclosed the changes she has made to assimilate into Indian society. Her daily routine now involves wearing a Radhe-Radhe strap around her neck, offering greetings with folded hands, seeking blessings by touching the feet of elders, and engaging in prayer. Seema added that she has adopted a vegetarian lifestyle like Sachin’s family and also embraced Hinduism.

The couple’s love story, which originated during their interactions on the popular mobile game PUBG in 2019, has sparked curiosity and excitement among many.

Seema Haider, accompanied by her children, clandestinely crossed the border into India through Nepal and began living with Sachin in a rented apartment located in Greater Noida’s Rabupura area.

However, their journey took an unexpected turn when Seema was arrested on July 4 for entering India without a visa. Sachin, who assisted her in the process, was also apprehended. Subsequently, both individuals were granted bail on Friday.

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