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Riots in France: 830 Years Back 9 Million Books in Nalanda Were Burnt by Khilji…! Now Largest Public Library in France has been Set on Fire

Visuals of protests, shooting and charred vehicles are coming up from France for the past two days now. The clashes erupted after police shot a 17-year-old Muslim boy named Nahel, with a history of criminal offences in Nanterre on June 27.

Rioters burned down cars, raided banks, and erected barricades in other parts of the country. The largest library in Marseilles, Alcazar, also fell victim to the violence and was set on fire.

The riots escalated in other parts of the town as well. Reportedly, Islamists burnt the largest public library in the city of Marseille. The footage shows flames engulfing the institution, symbolising the loss of knowledge, culture, and community resources. This act of destruction represents a tragic blow to the city’s cultural heritage and a deeply concerning manifestation of the ongoing unrest.

According to local officials, a scuffle broke out nearby when police used tear gas to disperse a group of 100 to 150 people who allegedly tried to set up barricades. After that, the rioters targeted a number of public buildings, including the library located in the city centre.

830 years back Nalanda University Burnt down
The ancient Nalanda University was destroyed by the Muslim army led by the Turkish leader Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193. Khilji ordered to set fire to Nalanda University. It is said that there were so many books in the university library that it kept burning for three months. Even after this, Khilji’s mind did not calm down. He also killed thousands of religious leaders and Buddhist monks of Nalanda. Later ordered to burn the entire Nalanda also. 9 Million books were burnt down.

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