Friday, July 19, 2024

Twitter is being rebranded as X / After Elon tweeted about it all night, the bird site is shedding its feathers

Musk kills the bird: Rebranding Twitter to X

Elon Musk is rebranding Twitter to X, including the domain now redirecting to and an interim new X logo. was an online bank and Musk’s second startup venture he founded in 1999. This later merged with a competing software company called Confinity and became Paypal in 2000.

He was no longer a chief executive of by this point. However, years passed and in 2017, he bought the domain from Paypal.

He has time and again expressed his fondness for the letter X. He has even nick-named one of his kids X.

Buying Twitter has also apparently been a long-term plan to create He has tweeted or mentioned X on several occasions.

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