Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Woman alleges Rapido bike rider masturbated during ride – Accused has been arrested

A Rapido bike taxi rider was arrested by the Electronics City police for allegedly masturbating while ferrying a woman passenger.

The accused has been identified as Guruvenkatappa, who hails from Haveri. He was staying with a friend in Sampagiramnagar. He was using his friend’s bike on Friday and had picked up a woman who had booked a ride on the Rapido app.

A protest was held in Bengaluru against the sexual violence against women in Manipur. A young woman who participated in this protest booked a Rapido bike while going back to her home. But the bike rider behaved rudely.

The woman narrated her ordeal on Twitter, accusing the bike rider of masturbating along the way and dropping her off midway. After a Twitter user shared her ordeal with the city police commissioner, the city police got in touch with her and later arrested the rider. She got a response from the Rapido team as well saying that the rider had been deplatformed.

Very next of her tweet Bengaluru City Police lodged complaint and arrested rapido driver. And also tweeted.

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