Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Trending Instagram Reel: Dancer Balances 3 Cylinders On His Head

An Instagram reel that you can’t skip watching is the one that shows a Rajasthani dancer Praveen Prajapat displaying his talent of balancing cylinders on his head. The video attracted millions of viewers.

While some of us can hardly lift a cylinder, even if it’s empty, this young man perfectly holds three of them on his head.

In the reel that was uploaded by him on Instagram and has now gone viral, we can see Praveen Prajapat effortlessly balancing three cylinders on his head with the help of two glass cups.

Flawlessly, in the video, Praveen can be seen carrying the cylinders on his head along with a confident smile. Also, he makes some basic dance moves with his hands to enjoy the vibe and flaunt his talent a little more.

Praveen’s Instagram profile is full of such videos where he displays his talent for balancing objects on his head. A few reels also brought to notice that he was a part of India’s Got Talent and had performed on the reality show’s stage in the presence of Shilpa Shetty, Badshah, Kirron Kher and other judges.

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