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Police crackdown on reckless bike exercise; Nabbed 30 bike riders who violated traffic rules and showcased their dangerous stunts on Instagram

Thiruvananthapuram Enforcement Squad of the Motor Vehicles Department arresting around 30 bike riders who violated traffic rules and showcased their dangerous stunts on social media.

Motor Vehicles Department has made a significant move in curbing reckless bike exercises on public roads. The influencers, who had been endangering public safety and flouting vehicle regulations, had their bikes seized, and legal actions have been taken against them.

Over the past two months, the Enforcement Squad has been closely monitoring bike riders who engage in rash driving, dangerous stunts, often capturing their reckless acts on roads and highways throughout the district and sharing the footage on social media platforms like Instagram.

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The operation revealed several violations, including the fitting of silencers without adhering to norms, unregistered bikes being ridden, and modifications made to the registered colours of the vehicles to evade detection. These non-conforming modifications not only posed safety risks but also made it challenging for authorities to identify and penalise high-speed superbikes during routine checks.

Under the guidance of Thiruvananthapuram Enforcement RTO, Ajith Kumar, the squad, consisting of Vinod and AMV, Laiju BS, Sivaprasad, and Arun Krishnan, executed a well-coordinated crackdown on the offenders. Following the arrests, the bikes were impounded, and hefty fines were imposed on the individuals involved.

As part of the measures taken, the RTO clarified that those apprehended in the operation would face even more severe consequences if they were found repeating such violations. Such actions could lead to licence cancellations and further penalties.

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