Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Before US visit, New Jersey Restaurant Launches ‘Modi Ji Thali’

A New Jersey-based restaurant has prepared a special ‘Modi Ji Thali’ ahead of PM Modi’s state visit to the US in June. The Thali comprises dishes as diverse as the Indian landscape and is curated by chef Shripad Kulkarni. Dishes in the Thali range from Khichdi, Rasgulla, Sarso Da Saag, and Dum Aloo to Kashmiri, Idli, Dhokla, Chaach, and Papad.

This is not the first time a restaurant has dedicated a Thali to PM Modi. Last year, ahead of PM Modi’s birthday on September 17, a Delhi-based restaurant launched a Thali named 56inch Narendra Modi Thali. The US president and the First Lady will host Modi at a state dinner on June 22. The launch of the thali comes just days before that.

The restaurant owner also plans to launch another Thali dedicated to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar soon. “We plan to launch this thali soon. I’m very positive that it’s going to gain popularity. Once this does well I also plan to launch a Dr Jaishankar Thali, because he too has that rockstar appeal amongst the Indian American community,” Malhotra told ANI.

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