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Muslims were cursed by showing The Kerala Story to Hindu girls, now accused of ‘love jihad’

Uttarkhand: In another love jihad case from Uttarakhand, two Muslim brothers from Bijnor in UP deliberately hid their real identity and posed as Hindus to trap two real sisters who are practising Hindus.

Reportedly, the elder brother, Mohammad Salik, also raped a girl on the pretext of marriage. He had been working as a junior advocate in the Dehradun court for a year. Meanwhile, his younger brother is studying MBBS in Bangladesh.

To gain the trust of Hindu girls, the accused brother duo tied kalava, bad-mouthed Muslims, and even took the sisters to watch ‘The Kerala Story’. However, the elder brother got exposed while making an online payment to the landlord for a flat in Panditwadi, and slowly everything unravelled thereof.

Registering a case against the accused, the Police arrested him and sent him to jail. The Police have called his younger brother who is currently in Bangladesh for questioning in this matter. Their father is said to be an Assistant government advocate in Bijnor.

Senior Superintendent of Police Dalip Singh Kunwar said that on the complaint of the girl, the Cantt Police arrested Mohammad Salik alias Lucky Rana.

As per media reports, Mohammad Salik lured the girl into his love trap using his fake Hindu identity as Lucky Rana. During this period, Salik also had sex with the girl several times on the pretext of marriage. In the meanwhile, the younger brother of the accused also changed his name to a Hindu name and became a friend of the younger sister. Reportedly, he captured intimate photos and videos of the younger sister.

Meanwhile, Salik also introduced the Hindu girl and her relatives to his parents. The parents of the accused also introduced themselves with fake Hindu names. Subsequently, the marriage of the two were fixed. With the consent of both families, the date of engagement was fixed on the 4th of October, this year.

How did it all get exposed?
A week earlier, Mohammad Salik rented a flat in the Panditwadi area. He paid the landlord the advance rent through online payment, which displayed his name as Mohammad Salik. However, he had presented an identity card to the landlord in the name of Dinesh Rana’s son Lucky Rana, a resident of Bijnor.

When the landlord grew suspicious, he informed the Cantt Police Station. Subsequently, the police called Lucky to the Police station for questioning. When he was initially evading the questions, the Police conducted verification in Bijnor which revealed his reality entirely – his deceptive act of posing as a Hindu despite being a Muslim and trapping the Hindu girl.

When the Police informed the Hindu girl about Lucky’s real identity, she was taken aback. Consequently, on the girl’s complaint, the Police registered a case against the accused for cheating and rape, leading to his arrest.

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