Tuesday, June 25, 2024

KAS officer attracted attention by grazing cattle on a holiday!

Cattle grazing is not menial work for this officer. He knows how to graze cattle and pays special attention to the welfare of a rural goshala.

Sedam assistant commissioner Ashappa Pujari, who is also the administrative officer of Revaggi Revanasiddeshwar temple of Ratkal in Kalagi taluk in Kalaburagi district which comes under the muzarai department, found out that the cattle in a local goshala were malnourished. The officer, who hails from a farming community, could not bear it.

There are 295 cattle in Revaggi goshala. Despite being supervised by five grazers, the cattle have been displaying signs of poor health.

The officer stayed at the goshala on Friday night and took out all cattle at 6am on Saturday morning for grazing. As it was the second Saturday, he was not on duty. Ashappa Pujari took the cattle to a place nearby where fodder had grown naturally and grazed them till evening.

Speaking to Media, Ashappa told that the goshala is being developed wherein gobar gas and vermicompost units have been set up but the cattle were not in good health.

“That is why I have decided to show the cattle grazers how to graze cattle. Every day, they used to take the cattle out at 11am and return to the goshala before 4pm. I told them about cattle grazing and demonstrated it as well. They should be taken out during the early morning hours and brought back in the late evening. Only then they will be in good health. I told them that unless the cattle are in good health, we cannot produce a good amount of gobar gas or vermicompost. I have taken a special interest in developing this goshala in every aspect,” said Ashappa.

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