Friday, July 19, 2024

Ravi Kishan’s daughter Ishita Shukla joins defence forces under Agneepath

Actor Ravi Kishan is a proud father after his daughter, Ishita Shukla joined the defence forces. She has joined the defence force as a part of the Agnipath scheme launched by the central government.

Ravi Kishan took to his social media to flaunt the achievement of his daughter. Actor-turned-politician Ravi Kishan’s daughter is set to join the Indian Defence forces.

His daughter, Ishita Shukla is just 21 years old and is being lauded by netizens for her achievement. Her enrollment was done under the central government’s Agnipath scheme.

Ravi Kishan’s 21-year-old daughter will now train to serve in the Indian defence forces. He has been sharing posts of people congratulating the father-daughter duo on their achievements. Along with the post, he also shared that Ishita will be a part of the ‘7 Girl Battalion’ cadet of the Delhi Directorate.

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