Saturday, June 22, 2024

Passengers of Missing Titanic Submersible ‘Have Sadly Been Lost’, Says Operator OceanGate

In the Atlantic, over a century-old Titanic debris came back in spotlight after a ‘debris field’ was discovered by an underwater robot searching five people aboard the Titan submersible.

OceanGate released a bleak statement on Thursday after the US Coast Guard said that a “debris field” has been discovered by an underwater robot searching near the wreck of the Titanic for a missing submersible with five people on board. It said that the passengers have “sadly been lost”.

Filmmaker James Cameron, who directed the iconic film Titanic, has said many warnings around safety were ignored by tourists on board the submersible that imploded near the famous shipwreck, killing five people.

Cameron is also a deep-sea explorer. Cameron said the sub had been the source of widespread concern in the close-knit ocean exploration community, and drew parallels to the 1912 ocean liner sinking in which around 1,500 people died.

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