Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Delivery Boy Trashed in Bengaluru After 8-year-old Girl Fabricates Kidnap Story

A delivery boy was allegedly assaulted by residents for no fault of his own. This assault took place apartment near Electronics City on June 12. The delivery boy, who hails from Assam, has chosen not to file a complaint, and the incident has taken on a regional dimension.

The incident began with an eight-year-old girl fabricating a story about being kidnapped by the food delivery boy. While the girl’s parents were preparing to send their son to school, she went to the terrace to play. The parents looked for her and eventually found her on the terrace. On questioning, the girl pointed to the food delivery boy, alleging that he had brought her there.

Enraged by the accusation, the apartment residents assaulted the delivery boy and notified the police control room.

CCTV footage

The situation was brought under control by the Hoysala patrolling police, who arrived at the scene.

CCTV footage from a nearby paying guest accommodation captured the girl going to the terrace unaccompanied.

‘The allegations made by the girl against the delivery boy turned out to be false. The delivery boy, who is 30 years old and resides in the city with his wife and five-year-old daughter, has chosen not to file a complaint. So, we cannot take action against anyone,’ a senior officer said.

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