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Husband or villain: French Man Drugs Wife, Invites 80 Men to Rape Her over 10 Years, Cops Say He Filmed Every Act

A French man has been accused of drugging his wife and recording at least 83 ‘aggressors’ raping her in a horrific cycle of abuse spanning ten years. A person named Dominic has made 51 videos so far. He had continued this practice for the last 10 years. Police have arrested 51 men between the ages of 26 and 73.

‘Dominique P’ is understood to have recruited his wife’s attackers from an online forum called ‘Without Her Knowing’ – where users discuss performing sex acts on unwitting partners – and storing evidence on a USB drive in a file called ‘ABUSES’.

The husband is alleged to have used the drug Lorazepam to sedate his wife by mixing it into her meal, before inviting men to have sex with her while she was unconscious at their home in Mazan, near Avignon.

Investigators learned of the horror after arresting Dominique in 2020 for filming up the skirts of customers in a supermarket in nearby Carpentras, with a search of his Provence home uncovering camera equipment and ‘dozens of videos’ of his wife’s abuse.

The police claimed that a Journalist, a nurse, a jail guard, a firefighter, a truck driver, a local councillor, an IT worker for a bank are among the offenders who have been detained. According to the police, Dominique and Francois were married for more than 50 years and had three children together.

According to The Telegraph, he met the guys on an unpleasant internet forum called “a son insu” (“without him/her knowing”) where users discuss having sex with their drugged, unknowing partners in a way that is non-consensual.

Investigators claim that Dominique prohibited the use of cigarettes and perfume in order to prevent his wife from being awakened by strong odours. He further instructed the guys to park their cars next to a school and enter the house at night to avoid raising the suspicion of the neighbours and also advised them to wash their hands in hot water before entering the property to prevent an abrupt shift in temperature.

The prosecutors told the French daily Le Monde that Dominique “never used violence or threats” to force the rapes to happen, and they added that “each individual was in possession of his free will to stop these acts and leave.”

He stated that despite their victims’ condition, none of the assailants “gave up going through with sexual acts on his wife.”

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