Saturday, June 22, 2024

People Flock To See Rare Flying Squirrel In Korba

Chhattisgarh: People very curiously gathered to see a rare flying squirrel. Very rare flying squirrel found in the residential area of Transport Nagar, Korba district.

The flying squirrel was hiding in one of the trucks, and drivers found very first time. Which was spotted for the first time in Korba. Truck drivers saw a strange creature, that they could not identify.

When the matter spread, a crowd of people gathered to see the squirrel. Meanwhile, someone informed the wildlife conservation team of the Forest Department on time. The team identified the unique creature as a flying squirrel, rescued it, and released it in a safe forest.

Later, the squirrel was treated by the veterans and sent back to its natural habitat by the forest officials.

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