Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Bengaluru: Daughter Killed Her Mother And Arrived Police Station With Dead Body Stuffed In a Suitcase

Bengaluru: A heartbreaking incident has taken place where a daughter killed her mother and put the dead body in a suitcase and brought it to Mykolayout Police Station.

Beeva Pal (70) died unfortunately. Senali Sen (39) accused of murder. Daughter Senali Sen, mother Beeva Pal and Senali’s mother-in-law lived in the same flat at NSR Green Apartment in Bilekahalli of the city. There was a constant fight between Beeva’s pal and Senali’s mother-in-law. Seeing this, Senali Sen was fed up.

Tired of the constant fight, Beeva Pal said that she would die by swallowing sleeping pills. But Senali swallowed 20 sleeping pills for her mother. Because of this, Beeva Pal complained of stomach pain. Senali killed her mother by tying her neck with a veil.

Later, Dead body in a trolley suitcase and arrived at the police station along with father’s photo. Police have arrested and detained Senali Sen and are investigating.

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