Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Man Rapes Woman While Her Husband’s Away; Woman Slits Rapist’s Genitals in Self-Defence

A woman cut off man’s genitals to self-defence. Man barged into her house and allegedly raped her on Friday night. This incident took place in Bihar’s Banka district. Police has reportedly lodged a case into the matter and arrested the accused, who was later admitted to the hospital.

According to Times of India reports, The woman (20ys), was asleep at her home when the 27-year-old accused barged into her house from the roof door and raped her, while her husband was away’

she had forgotten to lock the door to her roof from inside while going to bed, through which the man entered the house. Woman tried to resist the man’s attempt to rape her first, but when she was unable to stop him, she picked up a shaving blade kept nearby and partly slit his Private part.

The woman then managed to free herself from the attacker’s clutches and raised an alarm. However, by the time villages came to her rescue, the accused had fled from the crime scene.

Later, villagers informed the police of the matter and a case was lodged, following which the accused was arrested.

“The man’s genitals were partly slit in self-defence. We have arrested the accused while the rape survivor is being sent for medical examination,” Banka Town SHO Shambhu Yadav told TOI on Saturday.

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