Saturday, June 22, 2024

Maulvi caught on cam ‘misbehaving’ with girl, booked by police

A horrifying video has come to light from a Madrasa in Bihar’s Siwan district. In the short clip, a religious preacher can be seen misbehaving with a girl.

The minor reportedly used to visit Madrasa to teach the Urdu language.

The video was, apparently, shot from a different building. It looks like Maulavi had no idea that he was being filmed while engaging in inappropriate actions with the minor. The clip was uploaded on social media.

Initially, the girl can be seen resisting Maulvi’s behavior. Later, he tells her something which can not be comprehended through the video. The actual date when the incident happened is not known yet.

According to a statement by Siwan police, they have registered a complaint over the incident and the Maulvi has been booked. Further investigations are underway. They further claimed that proper action will be taken in the case, once the inquiry is done.

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